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Other Council Departments that your business may need to liaise with include

  • Public Safety & Amenity – Local Laws
  • Environmental Health
  • Planning & Building

What Local Laws affect your business?

Did you know that you require a permit for:

 - Displaying a sign on a roadside
 - Having chairs and tables outside a restaurant or café
 - Using a sandwich board to promote your business
 - Displaying goods for sale outside a shop

For further information about Local Laws and Application Forms go to:


Environmental Health

Registration of food premises, accommodation, hairdressers, beauty parlours, tattooists and caravan parks.

For full details of the services the Environmental Health Team visit:


Planning & Building

A planning permit is an approval giving permission for a land use or development and is required if the proposed works or proposed use relates to land that is covered by a planning overlay or the proposed use of the land. The planning permit often involves referral to other authorities for comment or potential conditions for the permit.

A planning permit may also be required for advertising signage on your shopfront.

If in doubt, always speak to Council's Planning Department on 5593 7100. A staff member will be able to confirm if you require a planning permit or not.